A shrewd king asked his knights to go into the world to bring him wisdom on how to live constantly with no bad days…

A long tale.. but here is my abbreviation…After several efforts to find what the king wanted and after several years passing, with most of the knights dead and the king on his death bed, the remaining group return….The eldest knight spoke…

We have discovered the single key that will assure all those who follow this advice will have consistent living, never getting too high or too low. Living with no bad days is possible.”

In a faint whisper, the sage King asked, “How long?”

“Sire, it’s one word. Attitude!

“How can that be?”

“Sire, Attitude is everything. It’s the one resolution we all possess that we can use at any moment under our discretion. Our Attitude controls how we live our life. Attitude is what makes us have good and bad days. Attitude determines how we look at things.”

“Well done,” answered the prudent King, closing his eyes for the last time, knowing his subjects had indeed discovered the key to no bad days.

No one can make you unhappy unless you give that person permission to do so. Your attitude is what allows them to make you either happy or unhappy. Good or bad days are encased in your mind. It’s how you think that causes failure or success…happiness or sadness…good or bad days. If you think you will fail, you will. When you believe you will make it you will find a way. We succeed or fail because of our attitude.  The Bible says a double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

Taken from an article  called “No more bad days”,  by Jack White from the Fine Arts View Newsletter.

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