About Me

Yoga Festival, Rishikesh, India

Words to live by ~

Go with the Flow ~ This too shall pass ~ Have an attitude of gratitude 

Drama and visual arts teacher – Yoga and meditation instructor

I am a Certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Instructor as well as a Drama and Visual Arts high school teacher, holding degrees in both fine arts and education.  My focus as a yoga/meditation teacher is to encourage the growth of radiance and self awareness in my students by helping them realize their full potential. I am a seasoned teacher in the arts and bring a creative flow  to all my classes. My work in this capacity spans 3 decades.

Yoga/meditation and the arts have brought balance to my life, giving me the support I needed to raise my 4 sons and teach high school. I am dedicated to bringing my students to a deeper awareness of themselves and their connection to all life. One of my dreams is to see mindfulness-based practices taught regularly at both elementary and secondary schools, to empower students to be responsible for their own energy and understand simple ways to copy with stress, relax and be mindful. I think it is important that all new teachers coming out of teachers college be trained in mindfulness techniques for their own and their students’ well being. A healthy mind, body and heart brings about a healthy world. 

Performance art and visual art 

When I graduated in the late 1980’s from York University’s Fine Art Program I was immersed creatively in installation and performance art. My work was seen mostly in alternative sites such as university lobbies, street corners, parks, parking lots and festivals as well as in galleries and theater spaces. The work I produced was site specific and depicted an evolving narrative that spanned over a decade. My work used an interdisciplinary approach including music, dance, poetry, photography and a blend of mixed media and found objects. Key works to note were Birthing the Feminine (1990), War Cryyy (1992), Origin Lost (1993–98) and Moving the Monument (1999). I look forward to including images of these pieces in my website soon. My performance work has been recognized both by the Canada Council and Ontario Arts Council.

I have always been interested in a graphic style of art and blending that with symbols and metaphoric images that depict a metaphysical reality. The work is often inspired by visions I experience during meditation and contemplation. I often work with vivid colours, symmetrical and asymmetrical compositions and blend realism with abstraction.  Over the years I have worked with all types of media; painting with acrylic, oils, sculpture and mixed media as well installation and performance art.

Women’s Retreat – South Frontenac, Ontario