Art and Yoga

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“Uniting art with yoga brings you to a new level of creativity and potential!”

Next Art Focus: Clay creations

Yoga Focus: 3 lower chakras

The chakras are energy centers that exist in your subtle anatomy. Life’s experiences and stressors cause the chakras to become misaligned resulting in physical, emotional and mental dis-ease. Through yoga and meditation your chakras become realigned, helping you access your full creative potential.

This workshop will focus on clearing and aligning the three lower chakras so that your creative expression is in tune with your true self.

  • Balance the root chakra, your earth element, so that you are grounded and calm.
  • Balance your sex chakra, your water element, so that you feel creative flow.
  • Balance the naval chakra, your fire element, so that you are flexible, creative and innovative.

Spring is a time of starting a new; to embrace your creative self. Using clay as our medium you will explore the cycle of life and create a relief that expresses your unique vision of the true self.

Experience the freedom and joy that comes from creating with an open mind and heart.  Dissolve preconceived notions of what art is, and how it should look.

Workshops include; YOGA, MEDITATION and ART

Awaken your inner artist through kriyas and meditations that balance the chakras and open creativity.

“A plant can’t live without roots. Your soul is your root”.-Yogi Bhajan


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