Comic – Greebles

A comic for the mindful and mindless.


The end of the world is near! Stock up, buckle down and give everyone you see a big hug!

Wait a second, oops wrong page. How did that get in there?

Oh how rude of me. Welcome, welcome, pull up a seat. Now let’s see … back track a little. The end of the world indeed… that’s just Sneeblee up to his surly rants.

Welcome to Greebles.  Let me introduce myself. My name is Hadee the Cat, or at least that’s what Sneeblee thinks and Onee believes. I am in fact much more than a mere subhuman form. I am the Third Mind.  What on earth is the Third Mind, you might be wondering? Well read on and you could become ‘one of us’.

Firstly, it might not be the end of the world, but it certainly is a pickle humans are in. We cats, on the other hand, well we’re cool, things are quite simple in our world.

Let’s start with my owner Onee and my neighbour Sneeblee. You see, in the Land of the Three Minds, Sneeblee and Onee are in fact opposites. Onee lives in the “Positive Mind” and Sneeblee in the “Negative Mind”. Every day, Onee goes to great lengths to “feel good” but often rather than not, goes overboard forgetting to keep her feet on the ground and mind in focus.  As a result she is often forgetful, distracted and takes on too many challenges all at once. She forgets that healthy boundaries have an important purpose, to serve and protect. Sneeblee, on the other hand, wraps himself so tight inside an imaginary box, so to speak. Oh yes, firm boundaries are second nature to him, but as a result he forgets to live, dance, laugh and of course breath.

Strangely enough, in the Land of the Three Minds, Sneeblee and Onee are each other’s greatest teachers, for they both contain the missing ingredient that could help set them free.