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I will be teaching Mindfulness and the Arts workshop at the National Roundtable this May 2014 in Ottawa. Please read on for details


A Self/ Community Initiated Journey; a Quest with the evolving nature of Teacher Education in the Arts

                                                           MAY 21, 22, 2014, DRAFT SCHEDULE

  MAY 21:   

8:30 – Reception, registration, welcome, overview, coffee and muffins – SAW Gallery – 67 Nicholas St. (613 236 6181).

9:00 – Welcome, overview, aims/summary of Roundtable 2013 – Conclusions and Questions.

9:15 – Presentation by Director of Saw Gallery – Jason St. Laurent –

9:45 – Summary of NRTEA report 2013 and examination of 2014 Purpose/Objectives/Questions.

9:55 Working Session 1:

a) In groups of 6 – participants discuss: responses to questions from 2013 Report; personal transformative arts experiences; articulation of possible methods for collaborative insights into selected questions.         

b) At 11:15 these same groups journey from SAW Gallery to NAC, continuing the discussion and taking in stimulations along the way that adds to their quest. Include lunch stop on the journey.   

1:00pm – arrive at Rehearsal Hall A, National Arts Centre,43 Elgin St.(613 947 7000) – Groups prepare and share findings from the walk, with all others.

2pm – reflection presentation by Kristina Watt (international performer, teacher, teacher educator).

2:45pm – Refreshment break.

3:00pm – Working Session 2:

In original groups, add new explorations from shared report information, ambience of the NAC and insights from speaker’ presentation. Prepare for next day’s journey with relevant new questions and possible methodologies.

3:45pm – ‘mindfulness’ – its place in teacher education in the arts – workshop by Anita Mitra (international performance artist, arts teacher, wellness facilitator).

5 – 7pm – Dinner on their own. ( optional casual get-together at Parliamentary Pub, 101 Sparks St., 613 563 0636)

7:30 – Optional attendance at variety of arts experiences available.

MAY 22:

9:00am – Meet atBytownMuseum,1 Canal Lane(613 234 4570).  Coffee and muffins

9:15 – Welcome and Presentation by host Robin Etherington, Director, BM.

9:30 – Participants engage in collective transformational drama experience led by Carolee Mason (nationally acclaimed drama teacher, facilitator, teacher educator).

10:15 – Working Session 3:

a) In groups from previous day, explore the Museum’s collection and link this with their professional work as teacher educators and their quest.

b) At 11am –Walk collectively to the National Gallery of Canada, discovering “beacons to encounter along the way and include time for lunch (independently).

1:00pm – meet inWater Court, National Gallery,380 Sussex Dr.(613 990 1985) – targeted collection experience by Gary Goodacre, Manager of Youth and School Programs, NGC.

1:45 pm – Plenary session – Lecture Theatre, NGC

a)      Artistic reactions to “beacons”, responses to original questions from May 21, including all experience to date, in artistic medium of group’s choice.

b)      Discussion of the entire enquiry process of the Roundtable and effects on individual beliefs and practice      

2:30pm. Summary of discoveries from previous Roundtables since 2011; suggestions for the future.

3pm – Roundtable conclusions, next steps, departure.

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